A little advanced of the debate in 3潞B

Here you are some pics from the great debate in 3潞B Literacy class!

If being a Magic painter were possible... To which economic sector would this job belong?

I promised to prepare a video and I will, but in a few days. 馃槬馃槉

The Muscoloskeletal System #project 6

How do our pupils react to light?

In Science we have finished with the nervous system that controls our senses.
The other day we check how fast this system works.
We did an experiment to see what happen to the pupil in darkness or with light.

You can try to explain why does it happen writing a comment.

Show and Tell in Rosario's class

Many students are preparing beautiful Show and Tells to bring to class. 


We will continue the Magic Paintbrush unit until next week, ending Friday May 24th. 

Singing with Entretenerias!

On Friday the chorus group came and sang 3 songs: Friday I'm in Love, I just called to say I love you, and an ABBA mix. We loved listening to the music! 

Later the children sang the song Hair Up for the adults. 

It was a very special activity. Thank you so much, musicians and artists!!

Hair Up!!!

Hair Up!!

This Friday the chorus group Entretenerias is visiting Emily's afternoon Literacy sessions. Since the adults are practising songs in English, so are the students in Literacy! 

The idea is to enjoy an afternoon of music in English, not memorize the song. 

We are alive! #project 6

Hello everyone! We have started a new project "We are alive!" (¡Estamos vivos!")

To start this project we are reviewing what we know about the 5 senses. Try to answer these questions.